Android Game Intervention List

This data source is supported only on Android userdebug builds.

The "android.game_interventions" data source gathers the list of available game modes and game interventions of each game.

This allows you to better compare between or document traces of the same game but under different game mode or with different game intervention.


At the UI level, game interventions are shown as a table in trace info page.


At the SQL level, game interventions data is written in the following table:

Below is an example of querying what modes are supported (with interventions) and the current game mode of each game.

select package_name, current_mode, standard_mode_supported, performance_mode_supported, battery_mode_supported from android_game_intervention_list order by package_name
package_name current_mode standard_mode_supported performance_mode_supported battery_mode_supported
com.supercell.clashofclans 1 1 0 1 3 1 0 1
com.riot.league.wildrift 1 1 0 1


Android game intervention list is configured through AndroidGameInterventionListConfig section of trace config.

Sample config:

data_sources: { config { name: "android.game_interventions" android_game_intervention_list_config { package_name_filter: "" package_name_filter: "" } } }