Quickstart: Trace conversion

This quickstart demonstrates how Perfetto traces can be converted into other trace formats using the traceconv tool.


The supported output formats are:


To use the latest binaries:

curl -LO https://get.perfetto.dev/traceconv chmod +x traceconv ./traceconv [text|json|systrace|profile] [input proto file] [output file]

For versioned downloads, replace <tag> with the required git tag:

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/google/perfetto/<tag>/tools/traceconv chmod +x traceconv ./traceconv [text|json|systrace|profile] [input proto file] [output file]

Converting to systrace text format

./traceconv systrace [input proto file] [output systrace file]

Converting to Chrome Tracing JSON format

./traceconv json [input proto file] [output json file]

Opening in the legacy systrace UI

If you just want to open a Perfetto trace with the legacy (Catapult) trace viewer, you can just navigate to ui.perfetto.dev, and use the "Open with legacy UI" link. This runs traceconv within the browser using WebAssembly and passes the converted trace seamlessly to chrome://tracing.