tools/heap_profile allows to collect native memory profiles on Android. See Recording traces for more details about the data-source.

usage: heap_profile [-h] [-i INTERVAL] [-d DURATION] [--no-start] [-p PIDS] [-n NAMES] [-c CONTINUOUS_DUMP] [--disable-selinux] [--no-versions] [--no-running] [--no-startup] [--shmem-size SHMEM_SIZE] [--block-client] [--block-client-timeout BLOCK_CLIENT_TIMEOUT] [--no-block-client] [--idle-allocations] [--dump-at-max] [--disable-fork-teardown] [--simpleperf] [--trace-to-text-binary TRACE_TO_TEXT_BINARY] [--print-config] [-o DIRECTORY]


Option Description
-n, --name Comma-separated list of process names to profile.
-p, --pid Comma-separated list of PIDs to profile.
-i, --interval Sampling interval. Default 4096 (4KiB)
-o, --output Output directory.
-d, --duration Duration of profile (ms). Default 7 days.
--block-client When buffer is full, block the client to wait for buffer space. Use with caution as this can significantly slow down the client. This is the default
--no-block-client When buffer is full, stop the profile early.
--block-client-timeout If --block-client is given, do not block any allocation for longer than this timeout (us).
-h, --help Show this help message and exit
--no-start Do not start heapprofd.
-c, --continuous-dump Dump interval in ms. 0 to disable continuous dump.
--disable-selinux Disable SELinux enforcement for duration of profile.
--no-versions Do not get version information about APKs.
--no-running Do not target already running processes. Requires Android 11.
--no-startup Do not target processes that start during the profile. Requires Android 11.
--shmem-size Size of buffer between client and heapprofd. Default 8MiB. Needs to be a power of two multiple of 4096, at least 8192.
--dump-at-max Dump the maximum memory usage rather than at the time of the dump.
--disable-fork-teardown Do not tear down client in forks. This can be useful for programs that use vfork. Android 11+ only.
--simpleperf Get simpleperf profile of heapprofd. This is only for heapprofd development.
--trace-to-text-binary Path to local trace to text. For debugging.
--print-config Print config instead of running. For debugging.