Quickstart: Heap profiling


Capture a heap profile

Download the tools/heap_profile (if you don't have a perfetto checkout) and run it as follows:

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/google/perfetto/master/tools/heap_profile chmod +x heap_profile ./heap_profile -n system_server Profiling active. Press Ctrl+C to terminate. You may disconnect your device. Wrote profiles to /tmp/profile-1283e247-2170-4f92-8181-683763e17445 (symlink /tmp/heap_profile-latest) These can be viewed using pprof. Googlers: head to pprof/ and upload them.

View profile

Upload the raw-trace file from the output directory to the Perfetto UI and click on diamond marker in the UI track labeled "Heap profile".

Profile Diamond Native Flamegraph

Next steps

Learn more about memory debugging in the Memory Usage on Android Guide and more about the heapprofd data-source